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Boat Harbour Pictorial

by Miles Howe

BOAT HARBOUR, NOVA SCOTIA - The brown, steaming waters of Boat Harbour, churned to a foaming mix by mechanical aerators, provides a striking example of industry laying absolute waste to a once pristine environment. Effluent run-off from the Northern Pulp mill, now owned by Paper Excellence, itself in effect a shell company of the notorious Indonesian conglomerate Asia Pulp and Paper, continues to flow unabated into the 143 acre estuary lagoon.

Once vital to the indigenous Mi'gmaw, Boat Harbour is now set to be the subject of a three year, multi-disciplinary, study to determine if living within walking distance of this chemical potpourri is having a negative health impact on the members of the Pictou Landing First Nation. The Pictou Landing First Nation, for their part, recently voted overwhelmingly to reject a $3 million payoff from the Nova Scotia provincial government, and instead now seek to continue their ongoing lawsuit against the province, to see Boat Harbour finally closed.

Please take the time to engage with the attached images taken of Boat Harbour in April of 2012.    

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This should not and cannot be

This should not and cannot be allowed to be released into the environment, the company has a responsibility to store, contain, and process all the waste and then dispose of it in the least harmful way possible. 

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