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Halifax solidarity action to save First Nations University

by Sebastien Labelle

Protesters gathered outside Halifax MP Megan Leslie's office to denounce the cut funding to the First Nations University in Saskatchewan - the only one of its kind in Canada.
Elise Graham, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) - Nova Scotia reads a letter to be presented at Megan Leslie's community office in Halifax, and forwarded to Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Chuck Strahl as well as to Stephen Harper
Kyle Buott, President of the Halifax-Dartmouth District Labour Council signs as cosignatory to the letter
CFS Maritimes Organiser Rebecca Rose (right) hands the letter over to a staff member of Megan Leslie's community office. While it was known that Megan Leslie would be  in Ottawa at the time, the action was organised on June 21 to mark National Aboriginal Day

On June 21, National Aboriginal Day, protesters outside MP Megan Leslie's community office denounced the cut funding to First Nations University in Saskatchewan. A letter, cosigned by the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Nova Scotia and the Halifax-Dartmouth Labour District Council, was presented at the office and forwarded to Stephen Harper and Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Chuck Strahl. The letter states "At a time when the gap between participation rates of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students is growing, the First Nations University plays an important role in encouraging Aboriginal students to pursue post-secondary studies. During a time when many institutions in Nova Scotia experienced a decline in enrolment, First Nations University experienced continued enrolment growth, signifying the demand for its programs...First Nations University employs practices that support Aboriginal students, providing them with greater opportunities to succeed. First Nations University also helps to promote the rich and vibrant Indigenous cultures and traditions by offering programs that are unique in Canada and, indeed world-wide."

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