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Robin Hood Tax Protest in Halifax

by Anna Pearce

"Harper"  Profits over People!
The Band of Merry Folk!
Robin Hood Saves Lives
Robin Hood Supports Women
Banks must pay their share!
"Bankers" - I want my bonus! What Recession?
"Bank CEO" Profits before People
Robyn Hood Herself!
Merry Folk Prepare a Tug of War
Reading the Proclomation
Merry Folk
Robyn Hood & Her Merry Folk
"Harper's" Argument
"Harper" and "The Bankers"
The Tug of War Begins
The Tug of War
Robyn Hood Victory!

Oxfam Canada held coast-to-coast demos today in support of the Robin Hood Tax.

The proposed Robin Hood Tax would tax "all transactions between institutions involving stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and derivatives (including trade of futures and options related to stocks, interest rate securities, currencies, and commodities)."

In Halifax, today's demonstration was held in front of the Bank of Montreal on the corner of George Street and Hollis Street. "Stephen Harper", supported by "Bank CEOs" holding signs that read "Where's my Bonus?" and "Profits before People!" argued against Robyn Hood and her "Merry Band of Activists".

While Robyn argued for a "tax on the rapacious earnings of the lordly bankers", her Merry Band held up signs reading "Banks must pay their share" and "Robin Hood Supports Women".

In a tug-of-war between the "merry band" and the "bank CEOs", the merry band won, and "Harper" was forced to concede that a 0.05% tax on these type of banking institutions would not be a bad thing.

For more information about the Robin Hood Tax, see RobinHoodTax.ca

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