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Behind the Scenes of the G8 Development Ministers Meeting

by Felix Kanneman

The meeting took place at Pier 21, out of sight for most Haligonians
The press awaits the arrival of the ministers
Media delegates are admitted to the meeting room for the official opening
Setting up for the opening
Mi'kmaq elder Emmett Peter performs a smudging ceremony to welcome the foreign ministers - his speech did not touch on the challenges First Nations are facing in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world
Bev Oda, Canadian Minister of International Cooperation, delivers her opening address
The assembled media faces...
...the delegates at the roundtable
After the opening ceremony and Oda's statement, the media has to leave the meeting room
Where is the exit?
No entry
What the development ministers saw of Halifax during the meeting
Can this lighting system provide illumination amongst the darkness of the G8 meeting?
During the photo op at the Westin hotel, one of the meeting organizers picked up a few copies of the Media Co-op's own G8 broadsheet
The Tide was a hit with the G8 meeting organizers
Thank you for reading the Tide!
Closed doors...
... and secret conversations
The ministers try to raise a smile as the G8 is failing (say climate activists)
Does the G8 fail at counting too?
Still life at the Westin
Pier 21, Canada's National Immigration Museum - brought to you by Corporate Research Associates, Inc
Last day of the G8 meeting
Waiting for the arrival of the development ministers - again
Oumar Toure, Minister of Health in Mali and representative for the developing nations, gives a press statement
Setting up for the closing (and only) news conference
Is she handing out the Tide for the ministers to read?
There they are - the Italian representative (on the left) got exchanged overnight
The Tide is in
Jessica Nadeau (at the mic), of Rue Frontenac (Montreal), asks: "Why not let developing countries decide for themselves whether to include abortion in their family planning strategy and health system?"
TV crews report at the end of the G8 meeting in Halifax
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