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Feminist League for Agitation and Propaganda (FLAP) Protest Anti-Choice Event

by Jessica Ross

FLAP marcher carries homemade propaganda to greet the Campaign Life Gala.
The symbol of unsafe abortions, a hanger, is painted onto the Westin entrace way.
Lace trimmed hanger, prop for the Hanger Auction performed at Saturday's Protest.
Hula Hoopers for Reproductive Justice!
FLAP marched through the South End, en route to the Gala held at the Westin.
A radical interpretation of "Duck, Duck, Goose", "Safe Abortion, Safe Abortion, Dead" is played at the Saturday demonstration.

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"Safe abortion.....Safe abortion......Dead!"  Members of the Feminist League for Agitation Propaganda (FLAP) mostly dressed up in ball gowns race around a circle in front of the Westin Hotel in Halifax, playing a modified version of the game "Duck, Duck, Goose.  This flashy group represent the newly formed feminist action group and are protesting outside the Campaign Life Coalition NS (CLC)'s Fundraising Gala Dinner, held on Saturday April 24.

The story continues here. This is just the photo essay.

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