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Peasants Day protest feeds for free

by Hilary Beaumont

Protesters gathered at the Farmers' Market Saturday morning and held signs with fruits and veggies to lead people to the Halifax Commons.
Norma Scott and Ina Kelson of Halifax's Raging Grannies eat free locally produced veggies to protest corporate control of food.
Guthrie and his owner chow down on apple crisp and pita.
Peasants Day protest feeds for free
Peasants Day protest feeds for free
Peasants Day protest feeds for free
Hoola hoops were a hit at the protest.
A boy summersaults through an arch made by these two jugglers.
Beverly Miller speaks against the city's use of the Halifax Commons, saying the public space is steadily becoming more private and profitable.
Aaron Beale, a protest organizer, reminds everyone to say "No!" to corporate control of food.
Beale digs a hole in the public space to make room for a garden.
Seeds from the Annapolis Valley.
Everyone joins in to plant.

On Saturday, April 17, local food lovers held a peaceful protest on the Halifax Commons to oppose corporate control of food. Organizers encouraged attendees to buy local and grow their own produce. The protest was held in solidarity of the upcoming G8 protests on April 25 and 26.

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