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The Urban Farm Museum of Spryfield has Rhythms.

by Heather Watts

M., at Five has never known a time when there was no Greystone Garden, and has a lovely relationship with the plants, soil and insects in a healthy growing environment.
From the earliest sweet peas to the last squash, participants create healthy picnics for themselves and their families, trying new combinations all the time.
This season the Rhythms program, sponsored by The 4C's Foundation, allowed neighbourhood kids and adults the time and space to explore their creativity with multidisciplinary arts intro workshops all season long.
V. about to help unload the straw for the playhouse walls.
T. went from being his cousin's sidekick to a valuable help and learned to know when he needed to step outside the fence to blow off a little steam.
Some show up every day, and others can only make it once a month, but each session starts fresh. This time, kids gathered (mostly) Goldenrod to experiment with land art techniques.
M. discovered that one of the leaders was a songwriter and found the momentum to finish a rap and perform it to an audience one afternoon.
T. brought his Frogs to introduce to us. Many of the participants acted out nurturing aspects of their personalities after becoming comfortable with the others in the drop-in classes.
Annie Murphy leads natural building workshops with a dynamic and ever-evolving cast of characters.
Garden club members stay a safe distance away from trickier building steps, engaged by each others stories. Summer 09.
After the end of season cornboil, and party (thanks to members of the wonderful Gypsophilia) cousins stand by the new sign.

Click on a photo above to view the slideshow.

For four years, The Urban Farm Museum Society has been working beside Spryfield community members to strengthen skills and bonds through gardening. Each summer, participants harvest and take home the foods they grow. All season long, growing food was accompanied by free, creative workshops on everything from song writing and photography to lantern making and labyrinth building. This summer, participants also learned to create a straw bale and cob playhouse from the ground up.

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growing art while growing up

Thanks Heather Watts for this delightful photo story

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