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Proclamation of the Wolastog Traditional Council

by Wolastog Traditional Council

 The Wolastog Traditional Council, which is the traditional governing council of the Maliseet/ Wolastoqewiyik people, issues this Proclamation/Caveat Emptor in opposition to the sale of NB Power and its assets to Hydro Quebec.

The Wolastog Traditional Council bases its opposition on the following legal, moral, ethical And divine principles:

* Our Birthright

* Prior Occupancy

* Our Great Law of Respect

* On Particular International Legal Instruments:

         - The Royal Proclamation of 1763

         - The Covenant Chain of Treaties of Peace and Friendship

         - The U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

* On Certain Canadian Legal Instruments

         - The Canadian Constitution Act of 1982

         - The Supreme Court of Canada Legal Findings and Opinions such as:   Sparrow v. R;

            Calder v. Attorney General of B.C.;   Guerin v. The Queen;   and Delgamuukw v. B.C.

This proclamation addresses, challenges and duly forewarns the three levels of government involved (Canada, Quebec and New Brunswick) as well as the general public regarding the validity and legality of buying, selling, developing and/or claiming title to lands that have never been ceded, sold, surrendered, traded, bartered, exchanged or compromised in any way by the land’s original owners, the Maliseet/Wolastoqewiyik of Skiginaweekoog or Indian Homeland.

In this and all we say and do we are of one mind with Ancestors, and of one heart with the People, and of one spirit with the Seventh Generation.

Contact Person:  Dan Ennis 506.273.4274  e-mail: hawbun@nbnet.nb.ca

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