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Contacting your MLA to help push the SPD Roadmap forward!

by Nova Scotia Association for Community Living

Dear NSACL families and allies,

We need to work together to push forward a new direction for Services for Persons with Disabilities (SPD)! Individuals and families who rely on SPD desperately need choices that are truly person-centered. Nova Scotia will be a more vibrant and prosperous place for everyone when people with disabilities are supported to live in their communities of choice, and have opportunities to participate in meaningful ways. This is not too much to ask. 
In August, 2013 the NS Joint Community-Government Committee on Transforming the Services to Persons with Disabilities (SPD) submitted A Roadmap for Transforming the SPD, called Choice, Equality and Good Lives in Inclusive Communities to the Minister of Community Services. NSACL as well as People First NS were a part of creating this document. This proposed new direction for SPD is all about encouraging community living and allowing for more choices. The Liberal government has verbally committed to this new direction, and small changes have begun. We need to continue to push this forward. 
We need families and individuals to meet with their MLAs and let them know that The Roadmap can not remain on the shelf, but needs to be put into effect. The MLAs need to hear your stories!
NSACL and Community Homes Action Group (CHAG) have a goal: that all 51 of the MLAs in the province receive a visit from a family or individual prior to mid February, when the Standing Committee meets. We need you to be part of this work. We are asking you to: meet with your MLA, give them a copy of the Roadmap, and tell them that you believe this represents a way forward. Tell them part of your story and how government services and policies impact you.

We know that the Roadmap document is long and intimidating. Check out the Executive Summary (pgs i-vi), which is a bit more accessible. 

We ask that you please consider meeting with your MLA - even if you have already met with them before. We believe that now is a strategic time to have the MLAs hear this message. If you find this idea intimidating, bring along a friend. If printing is an issue, we would be glad to mail you a copy. Let me know.  For your convenience, please find attached a current contact information for the MLAs. 
For those of you who have already committed to meeting with your MLA, thank you! If you decide that you are able to contribute in this way, please respond to me so that we have an idea of how many meetings take place. We look forward to hearing from you!

Working together for change and inclusion,
Jocelyne & Jean



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