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June 8, 2009

What stories would you like to see covered in June?

Halifax News

The Halifax Media Coop will soon begin paying journalists to write investigative features. What events/topics/issues would you like to see articles on - and why?


story ideas June 2009

hmmm, there are already great ideas on the table. here's a couple more thoughts...

1) the Port of Halifax has sunk millions into security since sept. 11, and still, right-wing websites accentuate canadian ports as being too lax on security. according to govt stats from the past decade, on average 30 stowaways per year would enter canada through the port of halifax. what type of security initiatives have been implemented? are more people being busted due to these newer measures, and if so, do newer security measures become obstacles to people applying for refugee status? and what fate befell the last 7 stowaways found aboard a container ship in April? are some of them still fighting for refugee claims?

2) the reality of what goes on behind prison walls is always kept hidden from the public. the past couple of months alone have seen riots and lockdowns at burnside, springhill, and the federal pen in dorchester. prisoners and guards substantiate each others tales of overcrowded inhumane powder kegs ready to blow. a new prison has been proposed for springhill, and even during the planning phase, they talk about being able to accommodate i do believe 100 prisoners by double-bunking the cells. canada ranks 2nd in the industrialized world for the highest percent of its citizens behind bars. with the increasing economic desperation, are prison populations increasing?

those are my 2 cents for the day...


Stories to cover, June 2009

Great ideas Steve!

To your list, I would add:
-The buy back nova scotia campaign, particularly with perspectives from Mikmaq, including ones that are part of the coalition and ones that are against it
-The recent events in Auburn and Cole Harbour high schools, with numerous black youth being expelled, lots of cops were called in, intimidation and racism in high school, etc.

that's all for now.

Hi Hillary, Stories I would

Hi Hillary,

Stories I would like to see covered by the HMC are:

- personal account of the effect of the recession on people in HRM (think this one would be especially interesting)
- public vs. private ownership of Nova Scotia Power
- a summary of land ownership in Nova Scotia
- sewage treatment / cleanup in Halifax Harbour
- Coverage of the NDP and their record across the province, nationally
- a study of violent crime in Halifax / Dartmouth, facts and statistics, comparisons with the past and other parts of the province / country.
- a study or personal account of student debt
- coverage of local music scene
- interviews with graffiti artists / taggers
- investigation on fuel prices
- personal account / story on people who are jobless and who are also not eligible for EI
- prostitution in HRM
- interview with Halifax Coalition Against Poverty
- multiculturalism in HRM
- public transit
- information on public water systems: how they work, where our water comes from etc.
- interviews with youth regarding political outlook, expectations, desires for their city
- coverage of the Halifax Farmer's market
- coverage / investigation of cancer rates in NS
- Funding sources for local universities
- Interview with school board and their vision for education in the province.

PS is there a link to this page, from the main site? I could only find it by clicking on the email link.

I'd like to know more about

I'd like to know more about what's happening in Black and Indigenous communities in Halifax, as I see little of that in the mainstream media.

I think an investigative feature on violence in high schools and racial tension is long overdue.

Maybe something on how HRM sponsored a big fancy bike week but the bike infrastructure in this city is so terrible. How much money went into bike week?

The need for affordable housing in Halifax while condos go up on every corner.

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