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Let's talk if the story you are pitching requires more work, we are flexible.
Let's talk if the story you are pitching requires more work, we are flexible.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) -- The Halifax Media Co-op is always looking for writers. 

We typically pay $125 for longer, more complex pieces. Shorter, more newsworthy and time-sensitive stories can earn you $75. And let's talk if the story you are pitching requires more work, we are flexible.

We like our stories to focus on Nova Scotia and/or Atlantic Canada. And we love our news from the perspective of marginalized communities, including, but not limited to: people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, workers, Black communities, First Nations communities, LGBTQ people, and those living in poverty.

Writers do not necessarily need previous journalism experience but should be familiar with the Halifax Media Co-op's work and have read over the  contributor guidelines. We will happily work with you if you are new at this journalism thing.

You can submit a pitch any time, there are no deadlines and no limitations. We will consider your pitch when we receive it.

The Mega Pitch

To  pitch  a longer article, send us an outline of less than 200 words discussing: a) the topic and angle you will cover, b) who you will interview and what sources you will consult, and c) one line bio of yourself, and a link to your previous work (if applicable).

Articles are between 800 and 1,600 words. Photos are generally considered part of the assignment.

You will be assigned an editor. It often takes multiple iterations before the story is published and you should be prepared for a rigorous editing process.

The Mini Pitch

This  pitch  is for time-sensitive news stories and are accepted on an ongoing basis.  Pitches  should be short and to the point.

400-800 word articles, well-written blog posts as well as edited audio and video pieces will be considered for these spots.

Pieces may not go through a rigorous editing process, but they will be copy edited.

Pieces should be submitted within 48 hours of being assigned.    Photographs are expected to be submitted as well.

Write four mega pitches and we will buy your Canadian Freelance Union membership for you

This year, the Halifax Media Co-op is pleased to announce that when you write four 'mega-pitch' articles for us, we'll automatically purchase you a membership with the Canadian Freelance Union. With that, you'll be able to obtain a recognized press card, get contractual advice, obtain grievance support and get a discounted benefit plan. Things that will help your day to day freelance career.

Don't want a membership? No problem. Write four 'mega-pitches' for us in 2015 and we'll donate the price of a membership to the charity of your choice.

How to submit

Send your  pitch  to  hmc@mediacoop.ca.   Please include 'Mega  Pitch' / 'Mini Pitch' in your email subject line.

If the content submitted differs significantly from the pitch, editors reserve the right to withhold payment.



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