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Suzie, an Orphan Orangutan by Joanne Light Reviewed through Online Readers

Wide Swath of Readers Receive Local Author's Children's Book Favourably

by Joanne Light

From young to old, readers like the true story of Suzie, an Orphan Orangutan
From young to old, readers like the true story of Suzie, an Orphan Orangutan

“I have an electronic copy of this book which I treasure. Joanne has done a fantastic job writing the story in such a way that it can be enjoyed by all ages!

v I loved reading it myself and can just imagine reading the story and sharing the great illustrations with preschoolers.

v Great for first time readers who are not yet ready for chapter books, even for young readers interested in protecting wildlife and our environment would enjoy this I'm sure.

v Valuable information about our wildlife and environment, told in such a beautiful way.

I have read it twice now and adore the illustrations, which compliment the story so perfectly.”

—Jackie Coulson Clements


“Thanks to the world of Facebook I encountered your beautiful book in one of the comments you made online on one of the animal welfare networks we are clearly both active on, so I joined the book's group with a view to bulk-buying it for younger relatives and friends with young children (or about to!).

So saying, now that I know roughly I need seventeen copies so I have a few spare for any more little ones in future, including one day my own.

Greatly looking forward to buying your book and supporting the wonderful work you have started and I look forward to doing my bit to spread the word to the next generation!  You are an inspiration!”

—Vanessa Threapleton-Horrocks, Notting Hill, England


“Loved getting to know Suzie, despite the plight of her species. Once my grandkids are a little older, I'll read this to them and then donate the book to my local library. Well done, Joanne.” 

—Gretchen Kelbaugh, documentary filmmaker and children’s book author of “Lollipopsicles.”




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