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A New Master Work in Our Midst

Sandra Barry's "Lifting Yesterday: Elizabeth Bishop and Nova Scotia" Has International Scholars Excited

by Joanne Light

Sandra Barry  (Photo credit: Laurie Gunn)
Sandra Barry (Photo credit: Laurie Gunn)
Cover of Sandra Barry's previous book on Elizabeth Bishop published by Nimbus Publishing
Cover of Sandra Barry's previous book on Elizabeth Bishop published by Nimbus Publishing
Elizabeth Bishop (Photo credit: Sponagle)
Elizabeth Bishop (Photo credit: Sponagle)

Hear ye! Hear ye! Nova Scotian citizens! International literary scholars, cultural mavens, poets, writers of fine prose, Acadia University buffs, Baptist Church members, genealogists, historians, village green preservation societies and fans of super writing are hailing a master work by a Nova Scotian literary scholar and writer!

"Lifting Yesterday: Elizabeth Bishop and Nova Scotia," Sandra Barry's biography of American (born) and Nova Scotian ('home-grown') poet, Elizabeth Bishop, has recently become available online and the enthusiasm for Barry's broad and deep bio of the Pulitizer prize winning "poets' poet" is growing.

If you'd like to learn a whole lot about Nova Scotian heritage, values, facts and idiosyncracies that you would never even know how to ask about, it is all revealed as a matter of factual research, intriguing anecdote and fascinating insight by way of Barry telling the complete (no stone left unturned) story of why and how a world-renowned writer's affective (and in many ways her intuitive and sensory) base comes from her connection with her maternal grandparents' family and village life in Nova Scotia.












In "The Story of Lifting Yesterday" (linked here: http://elizabethbishopcentenary.blogspot.ca/2014/12/the-story-of-lifting...), Barry tells us in her meticulous and engaging manner, how her more than a decade and a half in the making seminal work came to be. As a result, we are privileged to share in one writer's long journey of discovery and fascination of a story which needs to find its way into many hearts and minds, the way it has for Barry.  She lights the way, clearly and cohesively, in a research effort that boggles the mind, it is so deliciously deep.

Though we can't yet curl up by the woodstove with a print copy of Barry's life work recipe of the life and work of a person so heartfully Nova Scotian homemade, we can take it hot from the oven of the Internet and enjoy its comforting effect! Don't miss the treat.    

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