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Cops and Lovers

by Miles Howe

photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe
photo: Miles Howe

The Liberators of Parade Square were visited this morning by a large contingent of parade-dressed police of various affiliations. The cops were paying their annual homage to the 22 peace officers who have locally fallen in the line of duty, the earliest of which appears to have been in 1861. Wreaths were laid, bagpipes were skillfully played, and the liberation/occupation entered its second full day.  

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of Cops and Lovers

I think there is more that could be told about this convergence on the Grand Parade.  Was there any conflict? Was there mutual respect between the officers remembering their own and the poeple of the occupy movement?  Was mutual respect lacking on the day?

And while there, why do you refer to the people of the occupy movemnet as Liberators.  I don't recall ever being denied access to the Grand Parade in all my years of life.  There may be some similarities with other movements around the world, some who are actually involved in a very hard life and death struggle for liberation, but to refer to the people in the grand parade as "Liberators" seems to be a desparate attempt to a part of  history that has been so hard won by the blood and lives of others in far off places.

Language is a powerful tool.  Please be careful with it.

I appreciate your concern. I

I appreciate your concern. I use the word liberators because we are already on unceeded Mig'maw territory. So, as we are already occupying, really, shall we be the occupying occupiers? At this point it becomes confusing. If you take issue with the word liberators, I would enjoy, and may use, any suggestions as to what you would like me to use instead.

In terms of the actual event, you must excuse my brevity in such matters. I am trying to keep abreast of numerous projects at the moment, this is all volunteer work, and what with life as it is, there simply isn't time to tell you all about it in the flowery language I'd love to use. I have to keep a day job in order to take photos and record and write stuff up. I would encourage anyone interested in further coverage of anything they read about on this site, or on stuff they don't read about on this site, to become the media themselves and join the coop.

I can tell you that there was mutual respect on both sides, and while the thought was floated around that a later memorial or vigil should be held for victims of economic and state violence (who don't have their own arch at which to gather), that thought was put on the backburner for the moment, to better plan out such an important event, and not be a knee-jerk reaction. I hope this clarifies things to your liking, and I also hope to see you down at Parade Square shortly.



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