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Courtrooms, Comrades and Cameras Greet ONS Arrestees

by Moira Peters

"We shall overcome": rally outside the Nova Scotia provincial courthouse.
Cameras & comrades wait for the appearance of the ONS arrestees in court.
Waiting in the Nova Scotia provincial courthouse for a hearing scheduled three hours prior.
ONS is nomadic for the time being.

While people at a solidarity rally chanted outside the Nova Scotia provincial courthouse on Monday morning, supporters of the Occupy movement jammed the courthouse to hear the charges and conditions of release for three people arrested in relation to the eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia on Remembrance Day.

One man was charged with obstruction of an officer in the lawful execution of performing his duty, and failure without lawful excuse to comply with the conditions of his release from custody for the first charge. A second man was charged with obstruction of justice. He had refused to sign conditions of release. A third individual charged was a minor and his case will not be commented on here. All three were released from custody; the two men on conditions.

The two men will appear again at the Nova Scotia Provincial courthouse to plead their cases before a judge: one tomorrow at 1:30 pm and the other Friday at 9:30 am. Supporters may attend the trials.

Meanwhile, Occupy Nova Scotia has adjusted to a slightly more nomadic lifestyle; the tents and belongings of those evicted have been washed and dried by supporters, and are now stored in a U-Haul. The group continues to hold daily 7 pm General Assemblies at Grand Parade Square where they discuss strategy and logistics, to which the public is welcome.

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