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Farmers, Musicians, Food Activists and Students Oppose Corporate Agriculture

by Hillary Bain Lindsay

Protesters said 'No' to the corportization of food and agriculture.  photo: Hillary Lindsay
photo: Hillary Lindsay
photo: Jane Kirby
The march was colourful and included puppets and face painting.  photo: Jane Kirby
Demonstrators were accompanied by a lively band.  photo: Jane Kirby
Participants included the student group Campus Action on Food, the Raging Grannies, Council of Canadians, and others.  photo: Hillary Lindsay
Free food, locally sourced, was served at the end of the march.  photo: Hillary Lindsay
The march was held in solidarity with G8 protests to take place in Halifax later this month.  photo: Hillary Lindsay

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International Peasant Day was marked in Halifax on April 17, celebrating local, sustainable food and oppose a world food system run by agri-business.

According to local organizers:

This day was founded by La Via Camesina; a group representing small and medium sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. They are a proponent of food sovereignty, and of peoples' right to self-determination of their food systems.

Current food systems oppress peasants, farmers and consumers locally as much as they do globally. Local farmers struggle to make a living while poor families can't afford to eat healthy. Canadian and Nova Scotian governments have prioritized corporate profits and GMO mono-crops over sustainability and local well-being. These policies are rooted in the broader policy prescriptions of the G8, of which Canada is a member state. The G8 development ministers are meeting in Halifax, April 26th to 28th.

April 17th is an opportunity to support small-scale farmers worldwide, protest an unsustainable world food system, and celebrate local alternatives.

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