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Seeking equipment, contacts for Media Co-op journalist on Boat to Gaza

by Media Co-op

Halifax Media Co-op journalist Miles Howe will join about 30 other Canadians on the Canada Boat to Gaza later this month.

The Canadian boat, named the Tahrir after the square in Cairo that took centre-stage during the recent popular revolution in Egypt, will be part of a convoy of ships participating in the second Freedom Flotilla, meant to challenge the blockade of Gaza's coast by the Israeli government (more info: http://www.tahrir.ca/). It's an historic voyage, and we're excited that a Media Co-op member and contributor will be there to help document it.

While the Media Co-op is not in the position to offer a lot of financial support to Miles, we think we can offer him other forms of material support. We're writing to ask folks within the network if anyone is able to offer second-hand equipment for reporting, or contacts in Europe and the Middle East to help with orientation when he's there, or in emergency situations.

Below is a list of equipment that could be useful for Miles in keeping us updated during the journey to Gaza. If anyone is in a position to offer any such equipment, please let us know. It would have to get to Halifax or Toronto before June 18. Any equipment would be loaned with the understanding that it might not come back to the owner.

Miles is leaving from Halifax June 18, flying to Toronto, then to Athens a couple days later, to set sail to Gaza from there. We will be keeping in touch with Miles, with regular updates on the Halifax Media Co-op website. A few preliminary posts can be read here:


A story about one of Miles' advocacy initiatives, launched yesterday:


Equipment needed:
satellite phone
2nd-hand laptop
voice recorders
USB drives
other equipment

Contacts needed:
- someone in Athens whose floor Miles can crash on
- people in Gaza who might be able to offer a place to stay or on-the-ground orientation/information

Emergency numbers & contacts needed:
- in Canada
- in Israel
- in Palestine

Contact moira@mediacoop.ca for equipment that can be gathered in Halifax, tim@mediacoop.ca for equipment that can be gathered in Toronto.

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