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Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

by The Deanery Project

For Immediate Release:

Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

The Deanery Project, Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia

April 16 – 29      Full time PDC   

May 2 - 6            Hands-On Intensive

What is permaculture? Much more than a catch-phrase for organic gardening or living off the land, permaculture is a design system and philosophy which encompasses sustainable agriculture and culture by striving to maximize the interconnections, and outputs, of all elements of an area. This holistic approach mimics natural ecosystems where increased diversity and interconnection results in stronger, more resilient systems.  

At The Deanery Project, we integrate this holistic philosophy into all our programs and initiatives. We are excited to have the opportunity this spring to offer the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) for the first time at our home base in Ship Harbour. The 72 hour intensive course is an internationally recognized certification program created by Bill Mollison, co-creator of the permaculture movement.  It includes lectures, assignments, self-study, hands-on learning and group design projects.

The PDC focuses on learning about natural principles which drive ecological systems as well as acquiring skills for self-sustaining living practices. It explores how to integrate these principles and techniques into the design of our gardens, lands, homes and communities. The full-time format of PDC is a great way to fully engage with theory, practice and the social aspects of the permaculture philosophy.  The Deanery Project’s inspiring gathering spaces provide additional enriched learning opportunities for students.

An optional applied Hands-On intensive will be offered the week following the PDC. Each day will focus on an element of off-grid living including compost toilets, heating systems, coppicing and greenwood working, earth plasters and food production.

For both programs students will be provided with delicious, healthy meals by Conscious Catering. Accommodation options include newly renovated dorms, and camping. There are also many friendly B & B’s in the area. A few reduced fee - work/trade options are available. Anyone interested in work/trades should register online before March 17. Class size is 14-20 students.

For full details on the PDC and Hands-On Intensive programs check out http://www.p3permaculture.ca/nova-scotia-pdc-spring-2016.html or www.thedeaneryproject.com

Lead instructor is Graham Calder of P3 Permaculture.   www.p3permaculture.ca

Contact Information:

Scott Asling, Programming Coordinator, The Deanery Project programs@thedeaneryproject.com

Kim Thompson, Executive Director, The Deanery Project kim@thedeaneryproject.com

(902) 845-1888

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