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To the Root! A Radical Look at Food Justice Invitation

by Meal Exchange MSVU

This fall (specifically, October 15, 16, 17, and 18, 2015), the Loaded is Ladle is hosting "To the Root! A Radical look at Food Justice": a (free) series of workshops, talks, get-togethers, and community meals that will give us a chance to learn, connect, and broaden our understanding of food activism. We’re hoping to bring together students, community members, and food activists to dig into food politics!

We’re currently looking for proposal for workshops, talks, skill shares or other events for this series!

We’re looking for people who want to share a skill, lead a workshop, facilitate a discussion, or share their knowledge about food and food politics in other ways! No prior experience is required to be a facilitator, and workshops may be quite informal.

We’re looking for events that are somehow related to food politics, including workshops relating to practical skills. Some topics that could be covered in this series include:

● Food and reproductive labour
● Racialized and class differences in access to food (as well as
racism and classism in food movements)
● Urban gardening
● Unlearning fatphobia
● The intersections of migrant justice and food movements
● How to preserve food
● How to make a tinctures
● How to make organizations based on university campuses more accessible to the community.

We’re particularly interested in conversations that expand our idea of what “food politics” can mean!

Some details:

The workshops will be taking place on Dalhousie’s or King’s campus on October 15, 16, 17, or 18th! The Ladle will be offering a $100 honorarium and bus tickets to/from Dalhousie to workshop facilitators living in or
near Halifax. If you’re applying from outside of Halifax, please let us know where you’re applying from and how much funding you would need to come to Halifax. We do have some funds set aside to pay for travel for workshop facilitators applying from outside of Halifax. We also have funds to pay for any workshop materials.

Applications are due August 27th at 5pm! For the application and full details on how to apply, go to: loadedladle.com/totheroot

Katie Cvitkovitch
MSVU Meal Exchange Coordinator 
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Topics: Food
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