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Got a story? The Halifax Media Co-op pays.

Get paid to tell the story that no one else is.

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Put pen to paper and get paid.
Put pen to paper and get paid.

Got a story that isn't being told? Feeling like there's another side to the issue that's not seeing the light of day?

Take the media into your own hands and freelance with the Halifax Media Co-op.

We're always on the lookout for stories, and give preference to un-reported or under-reported issues that effect the environment, labour, social justice, marginalized communities, sexuality and a whole range of other topics.

Send us a pitch, about 200 words in length, outlining your idea. Tell us why this story is important, who you plan on interviewing, and how you plan on presenting your story. We always pay $100 for feature length pieces.

Email: hmc@mediacoop.ca


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