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Zines make great presents! The Anchor Archive has many amazing zines for sale!

by Roberts Street Social Centre

Listed below are some hot new titles! We're also selling extra copies of zines from the library by donation. Come by during open hours (Sundays 2-5, Tuesdays 6-8:30) and find a special treasure!

Doris #28 - $2 - one of the longest running personal zines and a favorite of many
The Orgasm Zine - $5 - compilation of stories by women about their personal experiences with orgasms
Trabant #5 - $3 - personal zine made by circus performer and 2012 Roberts Street resident Megan Gendell
How to Make Things to Eat - $1 - recipes!
Messy Dog / Messy Baby - $2 - recipes for dog food and baby food
Digital Denial: Analog Photographs in the Digital Era - $2 - photos of friends drinking coffee
The Defridgerator - $1 - how to live without a refrigerator
Feline Linguistic Development - $2 - teach your cat how to understand words!
About My Disappearance #3 - $2 - zine about living with Crohn's disease by the author of "On Subbing"
DIY Comix: An Instructional Pamphlet - free!
Herbal Healing for Piercings & Tattoos - $2
Let's Talk Consent - free!
If I Can't Dance Is It Still My Revolution? Radical Disability Politics and Organizing - $2
We Will Not Go Quietly Into the Night - $2 - zine about gentrification and north end Halifax
Panic: A Guide to Recovering from Panic Attacks with Resources for Managing Long-term Anxiety - $1
You're a Superhero! Self-esteem Zine - $1

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