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CKDU-FM is a non-profit campus and community radio station based at
Dalhousie University serving listeners throughout the Halifax Regional
Municipality. Our mandate is to provide an alternative to private and
public broadcasters and serve as a forum for diverse and under-represented
voices and artists. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
and is run by roughly 150 volunteers, a volunteer board of directors,
and 5 permanent part-time staff.
Nature of the job:
The Homelessness Marathon Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the
Homelessness Marathon event, taking place in Halifax on February 20, 2013.
The Homelessness Marathon Coordinator works in collaboration with the CKDU
Spoken Word Department, the Homelessness Marathon Committee, and the
national Homelessness Marathon coordinator in Montreal. Tasks include
regular meetings, task completion and delegation, volunteer coordination,
and ensuring an error-free, smooth flow at the event. Working with various
audio technologies is a strong asset, including experience with live remote
radio broadcasts, live panel discussions and community presentations,
musical acts and performances, and on-air radio broadcasting. Experience
with grassroots initiatives addressing homelessness will also be considered
an asset, including working with populations affected by homelessness,
poverty, or differing abilities.
*Duties & responsibilities:*
In cooperation with CKDU's Spoken Word Department and the Homelessness
Marathon Committee, including staff and volunteers, assist in the following:
- Ensure coordination and adequate volunteer power for the following task
areas: remote broadcasting, on-air studio monitoring, sound technician for
live musical performance and panel discussion, food and beverage
preparation and serving, greeting guests at the front door, and all-night
- Assist emcees in coordinating on-air content: panelists from various
sectors (including directly affected people, activists, experts,
government, etc), live musical guests, and open mic performances.
- Assist in developing theme for panel discussion, focus topics, questions,
and how to engage audience.
- Coordinate solicitation of food and grocery donations from local
- Ensure adequate promotions: postering, on-air promotion, inviting
community partners, etc.
- Field media calls, finding appropriate spokespeople when necessary. Send
press release early and follow-up.
- Maintain excellent communication with local service providers, including
calls, questionnaires, and visits to make announcements at local services.
- Plan menu in collaboration with kitchen volunteers.
- Find transportation for equipment and food.
- Along with volunteers, clean up the morning after, return all equipment
to CKDU / rental location, and tidy the space.
- Capture audio from live event, edit and post online for distribution to
campus/community radio.
*Required qualifications:*
- Volunteer management, team building, or leadership skills.
- Experience interacting with people affected by poverty and/or
- Knowledge and understanding of the campus/community radio sector, CKDU
mandate, and spoken word content.
- Knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding homelessness, poverty,
and anti-poverty organizing.
- Ability to multi-task, including various technical tasks, food and
accommodating people of various backgrounds, and ensuring a smooth,
successful event.
- Experience in promotion and event coordination.
*Desired qualifications:*
- Experience working or volunteering in community radio
- Radio production, live remote broadcasting, internet audio streaming, and
concert sound teching.
*Accountability, Hours, and Remuneration:*
The Homelessness Marathon Coordinator is a member of CKDU's
non-hierarchical staff structure, the CKDU Spoken Word Department, and is
accountable to the CKDU Board of Directors.
The Homelessness Marathon Coordinator is a six-week contract position, with
a flat rate of $1,320.00. This works to 80 hours worked over 6 weeks, at
$16.50 an hour.
Week 1: 6 hours
Week 2: 10 hours
Week 3: 12 hours
Week 4: 18 hours
Week 5: 28 hours
Week 6: 6 hours
The dates of the contract run from Wednesday January 16th, to Wednesday
February 27th, 2013. Work will be done during the weekdays, and some
weeknights. The Coordinator will be responsible for wakeful maintenance of
the Marathon from 6 pm until 8 am, but is not required to work the entire
14 hours, provided CKDU members can be found to take shifts through the
Submit a resume with cover letter in person, by mail or by email (we do not
accept applications via fax) to:
Homelessness Marathon Hiring Committee
c/o CKDU - FM
6136 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3H 4J2
Application deadline: 5:00PM AST, Sunday January 6, 2013
CKDU is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications
from minority and under-represented groups. Please help circulate this job

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