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Roberts Street Social Centre Location Still in Limbo

by Roberts Street Social Centre


HALIFAX – Roberts Street Social Centre has been in a moving limbo for the past few months. After being given an eviction notice early in 2012, the collective has been actively searching for a new location that serves the needs of the centre. Looking for a reasonable rent while maintaining accessibility and staying true to the North end has proven to be a challenge.

The eviction notice was recently withdrawn and the Roberts Street Social Centre was invited to stay at 5684 Roberts Street for at least another year. The Collective has decided to stay in the little red house for the time being while continuing to look for a long-term, secure home for the future.

Both the Anchor Archive zine library and Ink Storm screenprinting studio are available for use during regular open hours. Residents are visiting throughout the summer and fall, and programming and events are happening on a weekly basis.

The collective would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those involved in fundraising and donated money to the group. These funds are valuable in our continuing search for a new home.

Look out for announcements in the fall for new location details and great programs to become involved in. If you would like to hear about upcoming events at Roberts Street, send us an email to be added to the weekly e-mail announcement list.

For more information please visit robertsstreet.org or contact us at info@robertsstreet.org.

The Roberts Street Social Centre is a collection of projects dedicated to providing free or affordable access to independent and alternative media, art, and education. Projects that are part of RSSC include the Anchor Archive Zine Library, the Ink Storm Screen Printing Studio, the People's Photocopier, the Crow's Nest meeting space, and an artist and zine-making residency program.

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