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May 19th General Assembly at Grand Parade to Discuss Legal Options Against City, Police Department

by Occupy Nova Scotia

Halifax - On Saturday May 19, 2012, Occupy Nova Scotia will be holding a solidarity rally at Grand Parade Square in conjunction with the Global Re-occupation. The rally will commence at twelve noon and though Occupy Nova Scotia will not be re-occupying, there will be a symbolic representation of our encampment erected on this day for this event.

The solidarity rally will include many of the familiar actions of Occupy Nova Scotia including guest speakers, open mic for any individual wanting to be heard, a symbolic representation of our encampment, a discussion group on Nova Scotia Power, music, fun and games.

On top of these regularly included activities, Occupy Nova Scotia will be holding a very special General Assembly this day at 12:30pm. The General Assembly will address the issue of whether Occupy Nova Scotia should proceed with legal actions against the city of Halifax and the Halifax Regional Police Department. We strongly encourage the people of Halifax to come join in this discussion, weigh in on options and help us to reach a decision. We would especially like to extend the invitation to Mayor Peter Kelly and police Chief Frank Beazley.

“We’ve been accused of not actually representing the 99% or the people of Halifax. With this General Assembly on our legal matters, we aim to dispel this critique by encouraging them to participate. Here is a chance for those critics to put this myth to rest,” says John Thibeau, one of the former arrestees.

“We want the people of Halifax to know we are listening; to know they do have a voice and a vote within the Occupy movement. We would love to hear more of the concerns of the people of Halifax in an effort to focus on more local, personal issues as well as the larger, more widespread issues we have been addressing up until now,” says local Occupier Ian Matheson.

More information on this event please visit our website or the Facebook event page “Occupy 2.0”.

Contacts for the media are:

John Thibeau 221-2643(c) 422-5720(h)

Ian Matheson 478-2110(c)

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