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All Charges Against Occupiers in Nova Scotia Have Been Dropped

by Occupy Nova Scotia

Halifax - A victorious legal precedent was set for the Occupy movement in Nova Scotia. Today, May 9, 2012, in courtroom six, the third Crown prosecutor on the case, Mr. R. Woodburn, in less than five minutes reviewed, then withdrew, all charges in regards to the wrongful and violent eviction of Occupy on November 11, 2011 by Halifax Regional Police officers.

The police were under instruction from HRM's Police Chief Frank Beazley and HRM's mayor Peter Kelly to evict the protesters from Victoria Park on Spring Garden Rd. & South Park St. after Occupy had moved their encampment from Grand Parade out of respect for our Veterans for Remembrance Day services. All 14 individuals arrested faced charges of Obstruction and Breach of Conditions for protesting, and have stood their ground in court with restorative justice, but can all now breathe a sigh of relief after months of uncertainty on whether criminal records would have limited them throughout their lives. The charges stemmed from participating in a peaceful protest which demands accountability from all tiers of government in bed with corporate interests and the 1% INSTEAD of representing citizens’ interests from sea to sea to sea.

"It's a great day; a day of vindication and a day when justice was served. We did not deserve what happened nor having to be dragged through the legal system for six months," says formerly-accused Occupier John Thibeau.

“Leaving the courts today almost felt surreal and we can now focus on the important issues at hand: the actual injustices taking place every day in our society and to fight the real criminals who are being left alone to do as they please while the rest of us suffer. Today we can move forward.” says formerly-accused Occupier James Wiseman.

“I did the right thing according to my own moral code. Unfortunately, too many families and individuals continue to suffer at the hands of this racist and illegitimate 'justice' system, so my relief is limited. We haven’t forgotten that none are free until all are free!" says formally-accused Occupier Sarah Ovens.

This opens the door to those individuals associated with the Occupy movement who were wrongly charged in this matter to pursue legal action against the Halifax Regional Municipality but have yet to come a to formal decision on their intent.


Interview contacts:

Sarah Ovens @ 402 7244

John Thibeau @ 221 -2643

ONS's goal: "To get our government and our economy to focus on our human needs rather than the needs of corporations and markets."


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