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Call for Pitches

We want YOUR stories in March!

by Halifax Media Co-op

The Halifax Media Co-op is seeking pitches for its website and a newly expanded March Tide.

As usual, we are looking for pitches on underreported topics from a grassroots perspective that are relevant to Halifax and the surrounding community.

Stories from the perspective of marginalized communities in Halifax will be prioritized, including, but not limited to: people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, Black communities, First Nations communities, LGBTQ people, and those living in poverty.

You have two options:

1.  The $100 pitch (3 paid pitches in March)

To pitch an article, send us less than 200 words outlining:

a) the topic you will cover, b) who you will interview or what sources you will consult, and c) one line bio of yourself, and a link to your previous work (if applicable).

The Halifax Media Co-op currently pays a flat rate of $100 for pitches that are accepted. Articles are either 800 or 1600 words. Writers do not necessarily need previous journalism experience but should be prepared for a rigorous editing process.  Contributors with prior experience writing for the HMC will be given priority.

Deadline for pitches is Monday, March 5th. 

Deadline for stories will be approx. 2 weeks later.

Send your pitch to: hmc@mediacoop.ca


2. The $30 pitch (5 paid pitches in March)

This pitch is new to the HMC.  This pitch is for time-sensitive stories.

400-800 word stories, well-written blog posts as well as edited audio and video pieces will be considered for the $30 spots.

Pieces will normally not go through an editing process, but they will be copy-edited. Pieces should be posted within 48 hours of being assigned.  

Interested contributors should write to hmc@mediacoop.ca with their intent to cover a story. These pitches should be short and to the point.


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