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From the Margins G20 Report

an interview with a Halifax participant in the protests

Lundi Juin 28 2010

Venue: CKDU 88.1 FM or listen online at CKDU.ca
Address: CKDU 88.1 FM
Cost: airwaves are free to access

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From the Margins - G20 report, an interview with a Halifax participant in the protests

Monday June 21, from 8pm - 9pm on CKDU 88.1 FM

From the Margins (FTM) is a locally (HRM) produced radio show on CKDU, airing every Monday from 8pm - 9pm. It is hosted by Asaf Rashid, sometimes with guest collaborators. It offers a critical angle on local, regional, national and international issues. FTM operates on the understanding that social problems are mainly rooted in the socioeconomic system, capitalism, through which social relations are controlled. FTM supports the interests of poor, working people and marginalized communities in its coverage and analysis. For the most part, the show focuses on local / regional issues, but will venture outwards in the case of events that resonate nationally / globally, such as the economic crisis and the World Cup. But FTM will always try and make local parallels / connections.

This episode, through an interview with a Halifax participant at the Toronto G20 protests, will offer a critical analysis of what happened and its broader significance. Some topics may vary, but here is a general idea of the kind of content that will be focused on ... the skewed coverage of the mainstream media; varied participation in (or support of) the more confrontational actions (it wasn't just "Black Bloc anarchists"); the situation of the arrestees; police violence; discussion on the "security" apparatus and what the State might have been trying to accomplish through hosting the event in Toronto; about the value of giant summit protests in general ...

* For other locally produced news on CKDU, listen to Operation Wake - up every Monday - Friday, from 8am - 9am. New Collective website: http://ckdu.ca/

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