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posted by Moira Peters in on avr. 6, 2016 - View profile


Working with Nature, a Common Cause

- 7:45pm
Mardi Avril 12 2016

Venue: Halifax Central Library, rm 301
Cost: free

How can understanding former uses and natural features of the Halifax Common help us deal with contemporary concerns and future challenges?

Details: Guest speaker Kevin Hooper investigates the Halifax Common’s social and environmental history and makes the case for reintroducing functioning wetland ecosystems to deal with the challenges facing conventional stormwater management.
Among other topics this presentation will detail; the near complete loss of historical watercourses on the Halifax Peninsula; the evolution of the Halifax Common from 1749 to the present; the critical role of wetlands in nature; and, the innovative ways in which engineered wetlands are being applied for the purposes of sustainable stormwater management.

AGM:  FHC has some exciting upcoming initiatives including participating in 100in 1 Days & the launch of the Common Link. As well there are challenging problems such as the Willow Tree high rise developments.The Halifax Common is the heart and lungs of our city, everyone's back and front yard. Why not consider becoming an FHC member or joining the board? 
See you at the library,
Peggy Cameron 
Co-chair, Friends of Halifax Common
Friends of Halifax Common membership is open to anyone committed to caring for the Halifax Common in the spirit of the original 1763 land grant "for the use of the inhabitants of the Town of Halifax as Common forever" and to the 1994 Halifax Common Plan which commits the City of Halifax to the following:
Section 2.1  “The amount of public open space in the Halifax Common will not be decreased.”
Section 3.1 “The amount of land owned by the City of Halifax” will not be decreased.”
Section 3.2 “The city will seek to increase the amount of land under city ownership through recapture of lands.”


Organizer:Peggy Cameron Co-chair, Friends of Halifax Common

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