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posted by max haiven in on Mai 19, 2014 - View profile


Debtors' Assembly in Halifax

An open, non-judgmental place to talk about the true costs of debt

- 9:00pm
Mardi Juin 3 2014

Venue: Bloomfield Centre
Address: 2786 Agricola St.
Cost: Free
Accessibility: Accessible

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We are pleased to host our first Debtors’ Assembly on June 3 at 7pm at the Bloomfield Centre at 2786 Agricola St.  This event is free and open to all.What is a Debtors’ Assembly?

  • A debtors’ assembly is simply an open, facilitated forum for people who owe to some together and share their experience of debt.
  • The debt system is held in place by a culture of silence, shame and anxiety.  So long as we blame ourselves for our debts, and fail to see how they are part of a bigger predatory system, we cannot win.
  • Debtors’ Assemblies aim to bring us together to learn about the debt system and our place in it.

What happens at a Debtors’ Assembly?

Debtors’ assemblies are facilitated meetings and usually are composed of a few components:

  • The facilitator will welcome everyone and explain the ground-rules:
    • We come together in mutual respect and solidarity.  There will be no hostility or blame.  Everyone will have the opportunity to speak and be heard, without interruption.  We will make space to ensure everyone can be comfortable.
    • What is said in the debtors’ assembly will not be shared outside the assembly without permission.  People can share their private information and the hurt and pain, and need to be sure it will not be broadcast without their permission.  As such, journalists are respectfully asked not to attend (unless they attend as individual debtors!).  Recording devices are not permitted.
  • There is usually a short presentation on the nature of debt and the debt system
  • There is a go ’round, where debtors are encouraged to speak to their own experiences. No one is compelled or expected to divulge any more information than they feel comfortable revealing.  But everyone has the chance to speak.
  • There is a facilitated open discussion, based on the issues raised in the go’round
  • At some debtors’ assemblies there is a guest speaker or a film.

Who can attend?  And what is required of me if I do attend?

  • Anyone interested in debt and the debt system can attend.
  • If you do attend, you are expected to be respectful and engaged. It is free.
  • You are never required to join a group, though we would appreciate it if you would join our mailing/contact list.

Who is organizing this? Can I get more involved?

Organizer:Max Haiven, mhaiven@nscad.ca

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