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Inner Transition: Community Connections in a time of Change

How can we strengthen community connections in a time of stress and change?

- 9:00pm
Vendredi Janvier 17 2014

Venue: Shambhala Centre
Address: 1084 Tower road
Cost: 10$ sliding scale
Accessibility: Wheechair accessible

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Join us for an evening exploring what it means to change our lifestyles toward a sustainable future. Learn to build community connections that support change, reduce fear and burnout, increase our quality of life and support the inner work of transition.

The Transition Towns movement brings people together to build community resilience in the face of economic instability, climate change and energy descent. Transition focusses on solutions, relocalizing our means of production, building stable food and shelter systems that nurture the environment, and shape the future world we want to live in.


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