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posted by Robert DeVet in on sept. 8, 2013 - View profile


Stand Up for Science Halifax

- 4:00pm
Lundi Septembre 16 2013

Venue: Dalhousie Student Union Building
Address: 6136 University Avenue

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OTTAWA, September 10, 2013 - A little over a year after gathering on Parliament Hill to mourn the ‘Death of Evidence’, scientists and their supporters are back. On September 16th, they will be rallying across the country, calling on the public and the federal government to ‘Stand up for Science’ by supporting science in the public interest.


Rallies will be springing up across the country. From large city centres -- Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa -- to small towns and communities, including Yellowknife, Salmon Arm BC and St. Andrews NB, and numerous other locations. Here in Halifax, people will be gathering at the Student Union Building at Dalhousie University to listen to distinguished speakers such as the Honourable Elizabeth May,  MP for the Saanich Gulf Islands, writer, lawyer, and leader of the Green Party, The Honourable Megan Leslie, MP for Halifax, NDP deputy leader, and environmental critic   and to see marvelous works of scientific investigation displayed by university faculty and students.


These national events were initiated by Evidence for Democracy (E4D) - a new non-partisan organization advocating for the transparent use of evidence in government decision-making. E4D arose out of concerns among scientists and their supporters about worrisome trends in the federal government’s attitude towards science, scientists and scientific evidence.


“Scientists are not simply another special interest group” said Dr. Scott Findlay, E4D co-founder and Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa. “The Canadian standard of living is, in large measure, a consequence of scientific discovery and technological innovation. So every Canadian has a vested interest in the health of public science, and the use of scientific evidence to protect and sustain the values we hold.”


“Science matters to Canadians” said Dr. Katie Gibbs, biologist and Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy, “ Canadians understand that good science, when coupled with good decision making is what keeps our water and air clean, keeps us healthy, keeps our food safe and is the engine of economic development.”


As Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet prepare for the next parliamentary session, we encourage them to demonstrate their commitment to science in the public interest by:


(1)   Funding scientific research from basic science through to applied.

(2)   Using the best available science and evidence to make the best decisions.

(3)   Supporting the open communication of publicly funded science to the public.


WHAT: Stand up for Science rally/Liberate Science Fair

WHEN: 1:00 pm September 16th (Though we advise people in attendance to arrive at Noon, particularly if they are setting up displays.)

WHERE: Dalhousie Student Union Building, 6136 University Ave, Halifax

WHO: Speakers for the Halifax rally include:



The Honourable Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, MP – Saanich Gulf Islands, environmentalist, writer, activist and lawyer

The Honourable Megan Leslie, NDP MP - Halifax, NS. , deputy leader, and environment critic

Dr. Tom Duck, Professor, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University


Invited Speakers:

Dr. Boris Worm, Professor, Department of Biology, Dalhousie University
Dr. Doug Wallace, Professor, Department of Ocean Sciences, Dalhousie University

and…Everyone who cares about the future of science in Canada!



A complete list of Stand Up for Science events can be found on our website:https://evidencefordemocracy.ca/standupforscience



For further information, or to arrange interviews, please contact:


Dr. Katie Gibbs



Justin Singer



Organizer:Dr. Katie Gibbs katie@evidencefordemocracy.ca

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