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posted by Moira Peters in on mars 22, 2009 - View profile


Dr. Shiv Chopra - Health Canada Scientist and Food Safety Whistleblower.

author of "Corrupt to the Core" speaks at Kings

Jeudi Mars 26 2009

Venue: Alumni Hall, Kings College
Address: 6350 Coburg Rd
Cost: free

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Are private interests impacting food and health safety? How is the Canadian government dealing with adverse or critical findings by Health Canada Scientists? How do we ensure a safe food supply for the public?

Shiv Chopra is a Canadian hero. He was guided by science to conclusions that were not politically convenient.
–Dr. David Suzuki.

Dr. Chopra and his colleague's work prevented approval of harmful drugs such as Bovine Growth Hormone, raised early attention to avoidable sources of Mad Cow Disease, questioned the Anthrax scare and warned about the myth of safe and effective vaccines.

His 2009 Corrupt to the Core, an account of how corruption is endangering the public food supply proposes "Five Pillars of Food Safety": to not employ:
Hormones, Antibiotics, Pesticides, Slaughterhouse/Rendered Animal Wastes,
OR Genetically Modified Organisms

All are welcomed to this free public presentation followed by Q&A.

The Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization which encourages the use and development of freedom-of-information legislation to foster a better informed and more politically active electorate and to improve the quality of public and private decision making. No other Nova Scotian organization has a similar mission.

The Right to Know Coalition acknowledges the support of Public Service Alliance of Canada, Nova Scotia Government Employees Union, Nova Scotia Agricultural College and Black River Hydro Limited.

Organizer:Peggy Cameron (902) 492-4372 / 456-2004 or email p.cameron@ns.sympatico.ca

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