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posted by Asaf Rashid in on févr. 24, 2009 - View profile


Challenging Corporate Campuses

our minds are not for sale

7:00ampm-abbreviation am
Jeudi Mars 4 1909

Venue: Dal SUB
Address: Room 303, Dalhousie SUB (6136 University Ave)
Cost: free

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More and more so, campuses are becoming domains where corporations
dominate. Where do students, faculty and staff have a say in any of
what is taking place? To what are campuses being transformed? What is
being done to challenge these circumstances? The goal of this event is
to bring affected communities together – students, faculty, staff and
other interested communities – to share information and further
organizational efforts to challenge corporate control on campuses.


Alex Khasnabish on the corporatiation of universities in broader
context - Alex is a professor of sociology & anthropology at Mount
Saint Vincent University, and author of recently published Zapatismo
Beyond Borders. He will give comments about the corporatization of the
university and the erosion of democratic and critically engaged public

Jocelyn Burr on commercialization of research - Jocelyn is a graduate
student in International Development at Dalhousie. She has been active
on the issue of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
re-focusing funds towards only business – related research.

Former members of Campus Action on Food (currently in hibernation) on
corporate monopoly control over food services on campuses -- CAF is an
in-hibernation working group of NSPIRG. The group was very active in
challenging the exclusivity contracts by Aramark, Sodexo (SUB) &

Jordan House on challenging corporate control of campuses – Jordan is
a member of Univ. of NB student social justice group, Strax, which has
been very active in challenging corporate influence at UNB; Strax
helped prevent Lockheed Martin from setting up a recruitment session
at UNB.

Discussion will follow, and there will also be ample paper information about the issues covered and related issues.

Event organized by the Nova Scotia Public Interest research Group
(NSPIRG). Keep checking our website for updates and further details:
nspirg.org. Contact us at info@nspirg.org.


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Topics: Ideas
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