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posted by Hillary in on févr. 9, 2009 - View profile

Enduring Legacy, Enduring Challenge

The Global & Canadian Dimensions of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Vendredi Février 13 2009

Venue: Dalhousie Law School
Address: 6061 University Avenue, Room 195

A Panel discussion with Hakim Adi (one of the foremost Pan-Africanist
scholars and author of Pan-African History: Political Figures from
Africa and the Diaspora since 1787); Afua Cooper (African-Canadian
history specialist and author of the acclaimed book The Hanging Of
Angelique: The Untold Story Of Canadian Slavery and The Burning Of Old
Montreal) and Isaac Saney (Cuba scholar and author of the acclaimed
book Cuba: A Revolution In Motion).

The uprooting and displacement of millions of Africans over a
four-century span has had a profound and lasting impact on the world.
Adi, Cooper and Saney will explore the manifold ways in which our
world today was and continues to be shaped by the Trans-Atlantic Slave

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Topics: Ideas
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