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Posted October 30th, 2010 at 4:59PM

(I have just got the chance to re-read the one I might have sent you, here is a clearer one. Thank you for bearing with me. I need to do this. Yesterday, someone told me I might have a post traumatic disorder. I think they were right. )


All my life I've boycotted Walmart and their vices

such as http://www.cpicorp.com/

Then, one fateful morning

A trusted friend took me there

It was one of the best mornings of my life

Before ...

I saw this photo-studio lady from hell ...

I got knots in my stomach

I was too elated to notice

After all, I was 4 months away from being a Canadian

Not that I love the Queen ...

She snapped at my friend ... God forbid ... she snapped at him for politely asking her to look at the specifications

My trusted friend, whose default nature has been a very quiet and unsuspecting one

He trusted her to move on with taking my picture

The one who snapped was the photo-shop lady 

Not the Queen

I've stood inches away from the Queen before

I miss my grandma

Now back to the witch ...

She refused to look at the specifications from Immigration Canada

She did not abide to any of the specs

I did not not complain

All I wanted was for her to re-stamp the back of half of the pair

since she stamped it wrong

Here is how she responded ...

She confiscated half of my purchase

She called me a liar

She harassed me

I tiptoed and tried to get half of the pair that I have signed with my signature and full name back

I failed, all I got was a slanted, jagged and darker copy of the confiscated half

Then ... time stood still 

She called security on me ...<<<  on top of her lungs <<<

I stood my ground

She escorted me out <<< while shouting NEVER COME BACK <<<

After 3 weeks of lost sleeps and nightmares, I decided to come back

This time ...

She told the world that I stole from her

She told the world that I assaulted her

Again, Time stood still

As always, whenever she bullied me around

I put my palms together, lower my upper body

and asked her to look into her heart

She knows I am innocent

She threatens to call security

I begged her to give me back my personal picture and info

She looks like she was bursting 

And, yes ...

All of the present tense were intended

Impacts of her aggressions have disrupted my days

Darken my afternoons

Dampen my eyes

Lengthen my face 

******** me off my calm, cool and collected kind of aura

A force that has blown away my army of deities and spiritual gurus/ protectors

She's been in my nightmares

There I was again

Back to ground 0

Once again, I let her bullied me

I let her kicked me out

A paying customer

The photo studio in Walmart charges 18$ for pictures I can't use

Not to mention all of the verbal assaults that come with the pair

If only I knew that Shoppers Drugmart has a photo studio ...

And, you know what?

It costs a mere 10$ to get a pair done at Shoppers Drugmart

I was there at least 2x ...

a month after the witch cast her spell on me

It gets stronger by the hour

My whole body shook whenever I saw the white screen background

Memories of the raw aggression came flashing back

I left shaken 


I bumped into walls

I almost unwittingly jumped into a gaping lower ground full of rocks

Almost end up under the trucks

I have never succeeded in persuading myself into getting another pair of picture taken

Like I said, I haunted Shoppers Drugmart: more than 2x I had to hang on to the counters, trying not to faint

... at the sight of the white screen background ... .

I couldn't leave my apartment

I fear

Fears everywhere

Years of meditation and cultivating mindfulness ridicule how I let myself enter the hellish woman's circle

Thankfully, I have never experienced such an agression before

Still, can anyone please tell me:

Why should she directed her bully-style aggressions towards me?


One of the most affable unassuming gentlest creature I've ever known?

If you think of me as your friend, if I have somehow touched your life,

please hold my hand  and promise to

Stay away from Walmart & its photo studios http://www.bbb.org/stlouis/business-reviews/photographers-portrait/picture-me-in-saint-louis-mo-310245216 based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F.

Let's all chant:

>>> CPI Corp , how low can you go? >>>

... And ...  trust me that

This is not hatred

This is not vegeance

This is common sense and survival instinct speaking

Let me be your saviour

It is enough that I've experienced this

I don't want anyone else to ever go through the sleepless nights and nightmares

Come closer to a burning fire

If you stay unmolested

You should be my teacher

And with this

I can finally cry ...

And rest my case ...

If there is a higher power 

Let it takes care of the rest

On Oct 28, I read a little book that was just given to me:

"Human beings are born with a sinful nature" 

I wish I had read that book earlier.

I wish I had never said "no, thank you" for 3 years straight, whenever people offered such a book to me.

I am now a convert.

People are perverts.

Seriously, had I read that book before I was met by my early Halloween personalities, I would have opted out, I would never let her take my picture.

If I did, I would never come back there to let her know what to do for the next sorry immigrant soul coming her way.

If I did read that little book earlier, I would have trusted my instincts to flee as soon as I've shed my 18$.

Please note that I have never asked for my 18$ back.

All I ever wanted was my confiscated purchase.

The one she spirited away, without a drop of my consent.

She performed an unauthorized work on my personal property and has never returned it to me ever since!

That confiscated purchase, will close this gaping energy hole that has been draining my will to go on 

Something has been holding me back

I need that confiscated purchase in order to move on

If all her life, she had been living in a society that encourages her to sin ... .

Then, I'd need to know that, in order not to become the next Dalai Lama ...

expecting the Chinese government to adhere to their Buddha nature

Please let me know if you'd like me to tag your facebook profile. Thank you. 

I waited for 3 weeks before I finally came back since I had to fight with myself. I did not want her to lose her job. Who am I kidding?

On Oct 23, I begged her manager not to fire her. I have never told her manager what happened. If I did, her manager would not  have cared anyway since it was impossible to have her manager say that she is the go to person. That she is the person you get when you called the 1-800 managerial level number.

I can safely say that this is the first time I've ever allowed myself to say I "hate" an entity.
Enemy, that word was foreign to me.
But, now I have to live with this fear that someone has been thinking of me as an enemy
and this someone can actually make a passport with all of my personal info that have been with them.

On Sep 30, 2010: spoke to one custumer service officer at Walmart. On Oct 23, 2010: I spoke to two of the CPI Corp managerial level employees. All to no avail. In fact, the person who directed her aggression towards me is a manager of one of the photo studios. What should be my next step? Should I go to the RCMP?








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Stay Away from Photo Studio in Walmart



based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F.

Better Business Bureau 

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