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Minutes from HMC organising meeting - July 15, 2010

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.

Present: Ben, Kaley, Dave, Hillary

Facilitator: Kaley, Minutes: Ben

- Stories
- The Tide
- Alt 101 (alternative frosh week on campuses)
- Fundraising
- Addition to agenda – Mediacoop structure – Dru’s post

Stories that have been assigned and are coming in soon:

•    Dave – Chaudry family (long-term)
•    Mary and Georgia – Fuller lecture series – Kaley will check in
•    Ben – Herring Cove bike path
•    Stories coming in for Pride:
o    Kaley – trans health/trans family organization
o    Katie T. – queer acts theatre festival
o    Marie D. – Dyke march
•    Cole – NS Power hike analysis/backgrounder
•    Steven W. – story on farmland in the Valley
•    Angela D. – migrant workers (long-term)
•    Heather W. – article and photos at Shout Out camp for girls
•    No One is Illegal event on Tuesday the 27th (yet to be assigned – does anyone want to cover this?)

Kaley has a new google spreadsheet for stories.

Discussion on the Tide:
•    Judging from written feedback, people are stoked about the Tide.
•    We need to determine:
•    How to pay for it: people are talking about ads. E.g. from NSPIRG, Labour Council. We have some potential interested advertisers.
•    Frequency once a month was suggested.
•    Themes – It was discussed that it may be much easier to condense content from the website to put in the Tide, rather than having a theme for each issue.
•    Numbers (how many to print) – first issue was  a run of 2,000, which ended up being a lot. Suggestions of 500 to 1000.
•    Distribution – should formulate a distro plan. Kaley has contacts from another newspaper and is working on a library strategy. Also would like to distribute off the peninsula. We need to be strategic with distribution, especially if we only print 500 copies.
•    The Tide could be as promo material, as in Toronto – i.e. we could take articles from the website and condense them for the printout.
•    Layout - We have a volunteer (Jonathan) who is eager to do layout.
•    Suggestion of a launch party/fundraiser for the Tide, probably in September or October.
•    A budget
•    We will need to make a rate card for how much to charge for advertising – also deadline to know when the first one is out, and a policy that says who we’ll accept advertising from. (i.e. probably not weapons manufacturers, the Fraser Institute, etc.).

Alt 101 (alternative frosh week on campuses):
•    Good recruitment opportunity. Lasts all of September.
•    Journalism society at King’s could maybe help with a launch.
•    Should do a workshop/skillshare during this time for potential contributors.

Media Co-op Structure:
Talk about a visioning session and Dru’s post to the Media Co-op (http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/blog/dru/4172) was postponed. Ben, Kaley, Hillary will talk about policy and report back to the wider group at a later date with some suggestions and/or draft policies, on things like editorial standards.

Update on fundraising:
-HMC has a new sustainer!
-Kaley has drafted a fundraising letter asking for money for specific objectives, as well as organizational support (access to members, meeting space). Working on a library list.
In-kind donation list:
•    Audio recorder
•    Printer/photocopier
•    Office
•    Stapler
•    Video recorder
•    Laptop

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