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HMC Organizing Meeting Minutes - June 10

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.

Present: Ryan, Quincy, Sahar, Kaley, Hillary

Report backs:

Hillary reported on Membership Month. The Halifax Media Co-op received 8 new sustainers during the month. The Media Co-op also increased the number of sustainers by 63 across the country.

This month’s paid feature will be written by Tamara Lorincz on Cadet Day.

Kaley is currently working on developing a list of regular contributors for the Media Co-op. We held a meeting for new contributors on Wednesday, June 9, and Kaley will also be meeting with other new contributors next week.

Kaley reported on the Halifax launch of the Dominion’s Special issue on the G8/G20. The Halifax Media Co-op organized a panel discussion and about 40 people attended the launch at the North Branch Library. There was a lively discussion after the panel, although, we did run out of time for the discussion portion.

Over the next week, we will be distributing the Dominion’s G8/G20 Issue throughout the city. Kaley is coordinating distribution. Quincy said that he is helping to start a bicycle delivery service and he might be able to help the HMC with distribution in the future.


Upcoming content:

Audio piece from the Youth Resiliency Concert: Ryan L.
Naked Bike Ride: Kaley and Sahar
Roberts Street Social Centre: Jess R.
Fuller Lecture Series: Mary B.
G8/G20 Blogging: Dave B.
G8/G20 Local Activists: Kaley
Palestinian Solidarity Work: Kaley

Ben has volunteered to help edit content while Kaley and Hillary are away to ensure new content will go up.

The Tide

We need to draft a proposal for the Tide. A subcommittee meeting will be scheduled soon. Kaley will coordinate. If anyone is interested in being involved email kaley@dal.ca.

Haligonians in Toronto

Many of the people involved with the Halifax Media Co-op will be in Toronto. There was some interest in sharing contact numbers and emails so that if people are interested in writing about the participation of Halifax activists in Toronto, we can be in touch with one another.

Kaley will write the callout and contact specific people we know will be in Toronto.

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