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Minutes from May 6 Halifax Media Co-op Meeting

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Please note: The next HMC meeting will be held before the Dominion/Media Co-op Special General Meeting Conerence Call.  The meeting will be at 5460 Young St on Thursday May 13 at 7pm.  All are welcome!

Minutes from Thursday May 6 HMC Meeting

Present: Felix, Nick, Kaley, Hillary, Ben, Ron

G8 Debrief
Story Ideas
Membership Month
Special Issue Launch
Special General Meeting

G8 Debrief
- would have been nice to have a laptop on site to upload stuff immediately
- we could have used more journalists to cover different angles of various events
- might have been smart to do a skillshare in the lead-up to the G8 meetings so folks would have skills and an event to apply it to immediately. 
- would have been nice to do a broadsheet/pamphlet immediately after the meetings
- is it possible for the site to be changed so you don't have to upload photos one by one but can do it in batches?

The Tide
- feedback on the Tide was positive
- people are interested in continuing to put out the Tide
- the Tide gives people something to organize around regularly
- whatever time period we decide on, we need to have the paper come out at regular interals
- perhaps we should give each issue a theme (especially if it's only coming out every couple months). 

*We will discuss doing more broadsheets at the next meeting

New Stories
- G8 Media Analysis piece
- Follow-up story of local groups going to the G20 protests in TO
- Local people going to Palestine - Kaley
- Person being criminally charged for graffiti - Kaley will look into it
- Housing Coalition story- Kaley
- AIMS - Ben
- Local refugee/immigration stories - Ben
- Protest tactics - Nick and Felix
- Jason Kenny visit on May 14

*Anyone interested in taking on any of the stories that haven't been claimed?  Any other story ideas?

Membership Month
- We're trying to get 10 new sustainers in Halifax this month.  We already have two!
- Hillary will send along the membership email to the list for folks to send along to their contacts. 

- We need a broshure!

Launch of G20 Special Issue

The Launch will be on Thurs June 3 at 7pm at the North Branch Library.
What should we do for speakers?

- history of the G8 and transition to G20 would be good.
- Focus on local grassroots organizing and local impacts would be good.
    - FLAP
    - climate
    - Africville
    - worker impacts
- A look at media....

Special General Meeting
The Dominion/Media Co-op is holding a special general meeting to clarify its status as a non-profit.  We need quorum, so if you're a member (you subscribe or sustain or have contributed 2 pieces to the Dominion in the past year) please come out!

Find out more here: http://mediacoop.ca/sgm

The meeting will be via conference call, but those of us in Halifax are going to meet at 5460 Young St at 8pm and joing via speaker phone. 

The regular meeting for the HMC will be held before the SGM at 7pm at the same location.  All welcome!

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