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Minutes from August 9 HMC meeting

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Present: Hillary Lindsay, Anna Pearce, Stephen Caines, Glen Canning

Next paid feature:

The group decided to accept a pitch by Erin Hemmens for an article on the state of midwifery in Nova Scotia.  The writer proposed focusing on the lack of full midwifery services (eg. homebirth) available to many women in the province.  

In order to get broader input regarding the issues and problems surrounding midwifery services we decided to post a discussion on the topic.  People can contribute their thoughts here: http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/group/1/discuss/1819  This discussion will be taken into consideration by the journalist when writing the article. 

Upcoming content:

Glen is still interested doing a video on Africville.  Hillary talked to Erica Butler who expressed interest in doing interviews.
Hillary will contact Tim Groves about featuring some of his work on untold histories in Halifax.
Jane Kirby is still working on an article on Dalhousie and the military. 
Erica Butler has some audio interviews on the history of tall ships and the slave trade in NS that she will post. 
Stephen will follow up with a contact who was going to write a story on infilling in the Halifax harbour.
Youth at a media camp as CKDU are putting together an audio documentary on youth perspectives on violence in the schools and other topics. 
Jayme Melrose will do a photo essay on the upcoming White Rabbit art installation project
Lee Park is still working on an article on Queer and Rebel Days. 

Please contact hillary@mediacoop.ca if you're interested in writing an article.

Next Meeting: Sunday August 23rd at 5pm at Alter Egos (2193 Gottingen).  All welcome!

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