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Minutes from July 26 HMC meeting

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Present: Hilary Beaumont, Hillary Lindsay, Kim Peterson, David Parker, Bruce Wark


1. Review of process for first paid feature
2. Ideas for focus of next paid feature
3. Bruce's story idea
4. Upcoming Content
5. New feature on site
6. Next Meeting

1. Review of process for first paid feature

- The HMC did not receive as many pitches as was hoped. Folks are encouraged to send the call-out far and wide this time and to specifically email people they think might be interested in contributing.
- The journalist was not able to write the feature on the original pitch due to legal complications. Perhaps more research can be done earlier to make sure the idea is viable?
- One week was not long enough to write an investigative feature. Next round will offer 2 weeks for first draft.
- Two editors worked on the article, which caused some unnecessary confusion. Hopefully it will be smoother next time.
- All agreed that the article was strong and a great example of what the HMC can produce.

2. Ideas for focus of next paid feature

- We reviewed the online discussion for stories in need of coverage.
- Stories the collective were particularly interested in were: midwifery in HRM, accessibility and disability, issues around Halifax drinking water and AIMS (See discussion for more details on all ideas).

3. Bruce's story idea

- Bruce reviewed a story idea regarding a Halifax woman fighting an insurance company.
- The collective agreed it was a good idea and Bruce is going to follow-up.

4. Upcoming Content

- Lee Park is working on a story on Queer and Rebel Days
- David Miller is working on a story on local agriculture
- David Parker is working on a story linking Halifax and Palestine.
- Jane Kirby is working on a story on the militarization of universities

5. New feature on site

- The website has been updated so posts don't immediately go to the top of the page but are posted further down the page until an editor 'promotes' the story.
- How shall we decide which stories are featured?

6. Next meeting

- Next meeting will be on August 9th at 5pm at Alter Egos.

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