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Jane Kirby

Novembre 10, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

The Amelie: Canadian Refugee Policy and the Story of the 1987 Boat People

An Audio Documentary

» Écoutez: by Ella BedardJane Kirby

Avril 29, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

‘Downstream’ Aboriginal Activists Blast the Tar Sands

Nova Scotians asked to take action

» Story: by Jane KirbyBen Sichel

Avril 22, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Advocates speak out against the cutting of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Seven AHF programs cut in Atlantic Canada

» Story: by Jane Kirby - 4 Commentaires

Avril 22, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Federal budget cuts affect survivors of residential schools

Impacts in Atlantic Canada and across the country

» Écoutez: by Jane Kirby

Septembre 7, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Military Ties at Dalhousie's Centre for Foreign Policy Studies

Is academic integrity at Halifax’s largest university compromised by funding from the military?

» Story: by Jane Kirby - 1 Commentaires

Août 20, 2009 • Halifax Media Co-op

Blaming the Victim of Sexual Assault

Carleton University's comments elicit grassroots response

» Écoutez: by Jane Kirby - 1 Commentaires

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