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The Tide: Offshore oil and gas and Nova Scotia's fracking review

Episode 2 of the HMC podcast

by Erica Butler

The Tide: Offshore oil and gas and Nova Scotia's fracking review

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On this episode of the Tide, we hear about: 

  • the Nova Scotia government's review of hydraulic fracturing and concerns about how it's happening, 
  • the growing offshore oil and gas industry in Nova Scotia,
  • a new tool library getting started in Halifax, and
  • the fight to unionize workers in Halifax cafes.

Featuring interviews with Neil Bailey, Gretchen Fitzgerald, and David Wheeler.   

Produced by Erica Butler and Pierre Loiselle, with contributions from Amaris Bourdeau and Robert DeVet.
Music: The Just Barelys


Nova Scotia's hydraulic fracturing review

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Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in NS

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Baristas Rise Up in Halifax

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Halifax Tool Library
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