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Rain On Our Parade

Under Rainy Skies, Sadly-Necessary March on Poverty Visits Liberated Parade Square

by Miles Howe

Weather-proofing camp
Weather-proofing camp
All fired up
All fired up

Day 3 of the liberation of Parade Square saw the heavens unleash a deluge of much-needed rain upon the occupiers. High winds sent unpegged tents sailing skywards, and sent liberators scampering for reinforcements of tent pegs, duct tape, and tarps.

Reinforcements of the human type also blessed the Square with their presence today, although the purpose of their visit could not have been more serious. Strong representation from the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union (NSGEU), anti-poverty activists, and the homeless and poor themselves, ended their sadly-necessary 4th Annual March on Poverty at the newly de-bannered Cenotaph. That poverty continues to exist in this age of plenty speaks to the necessity of re-asserting the priority of community over profit, of sharing over hoarding, of kindness over apathy.

At the Cenotaph, which has over the course of three days become a speaker's corner, all those who attended were invited to grab the bull by it's horns (use the bullhorn) and address the "fired up" crowd. Everyone was also invited for warm food and drink, provided by the seemingly tireless volunteer staff of liberated cooks. Thanks to the donations of food and finances from the public at large, no one went away from Parade Square hungry today.

Please enjoy the audio clips from today's rally. And if you're from some so-called news site sponsored by a big green bank (you know who you are), get off of my cloud.


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