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Pjilasi Mi'kma'ki Episode 8

The Title and Treaty Show

by Annie Clair

Pjilasi Mi'kma'ki Episode 8

In today’s episode, we talk about the important issue of land title and treaties in the Maritime provinces of Canada. While normally this podcast is thirty minutes, we take the full hour to discuss this vital topic with knowledgeable Mi’kmaq and Wolustuk treaty scholars and practitioners.

Title was never surrendered in the Maritimes and the treaties signed with the British Crown pre-date the creation of the country we now know as Canada. Because of this, the existing treaties are extremely powerful and provide for a wide range of options and freedoms for treaty beneficiaries.

But, as we will hear from our guests, knowledge of the treaties and their power has been fairly limited, on a general scale, to date. Those who would benefit most from this knowledge are kept ‘in the dark’. Rather than perceiving of oneself as a treaty beneficiary, the illusion of the Indian Act and the ‘Status Indian’ has taken precedence.

In this show, we also explore whether the two paths – that of title and treaty and that of the Indian Act – can possibly be walked at the same time, or whether one must choose.

This is a big episode, with big ideas. As always, we recommend that you go to the elders for further knowledge and information.

Enjoy and share!

Your friend and migitjo, Annie Clair


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