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Buckets of Fun!

Humanure Hacienda Ensures Occupy Nova Scotia Answers the Call of Nature, Naturally.

by Miles Howe

Occupy Nova Scotia Closes the Nutrient Cycle.
Occupy Nova Scotia Closes the Nutrient Cycle.

One of the most forward/backward thoughts to emerge out of Occupy Nova Scotia is the Humanure Hacienda. The so-named composting toilet ensures that the liberators of Parade Square are not only attempting to effect change, they're keeping the land fed with sweet, sweet, human by-product as they do so.

The Hacienda ensure that there's no need for a fossil-fuel intensive delivery of chemical-laden portable toilets. The by-product goes into a bucket, is carted off site daily by bicycle, and sits for a period of one year in proper composting facilities. Good idea? You bet.

Please enjoy this interview with Halifax's Queen of Compost (meant with the utmost of respect), the Senorita behind the Hacienda, Jen Stotland.  

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