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Women, Sex Work, and Homelessness

A panel discussion from CKDU in Halifax


Women, Sex Work, and Homelessness

On February 23rd, CKDU’s Jane Kirby and Melissa Albiani hosted Hour 2 of the 8th Annual Homelessness Marathon live from St. Matthew’s United Church, beside the Emergency Out of the Cold Shelter.

Kirby and Albiani interviewed a variety of panelists to discuss criminalization of sex work, the funding crisis and cutbacks to transition houses for abused women, and the reality of Indigenous women in Canada facing a higher risk of abduction and murder.

Rene Ross, Executive Director of Stepping Stone, Halifax.
Megan Grey, Social Worker, Adsum House, Halifax.
Rhonda Fraser, Executive Director, Chrysalis House, Kemptville, Nova Scotia
Gladys Radek, organizer of Walk 4 Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, BC.
Lori Walton, activist, Friends of Transition Houses, Halifax.
Catherine Panteluk, poet, Halifax.

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