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Halifax, NS

Un-Civil Wars

International Humanitarian Law Conference 2014

- 3:30pm
Friday November 14 2014

Venue: University Club, Dalhousie University
Address: 6299 South St, Halifax, NS, B3H 4H6
Cost: Free

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Invitation to Attend
Un-Civil Wars:
10th Annual International Humanitarian Law Conference at Dalhousie University
All wars challenge our humanity.  International Humanitarian Law (IHL) aims to preserve a measure of humanity amidst conflict, but when the first IHL treaties were adopted, the laws developed largely governed international armed conflicts (wars between two or more states).  The majority of conflicts today are non-international armed conflicts (civil wars).  What laws protect women, children, and detainees in these contexts?  Come explore legal justice in the most challenging contexts on earth with legal and professional experts at our tenth annual IHL Conference.
Speakers Include:
* Catherine Gribbin, Senior Legal Advisor, Canadian Red Cross
* Valerie Oosterveld, Associate Dean, Western University Faculty of Law
* Representative from the Canadian Forces
* Andrea Harrison, Deputy Legal Advisor, ICRC Washington
* Linda Dale, Executive Director, Children/Youth as Peacebuilders
All welcome. Light refreshments provided.
Please circulate widely, and pre-register today: www.uncivilwars2014.eventbrite.ca
For more information please contact Kalina at kalina.mccaul@redcross.ca or (902) 424-1833


Organizer:kalina.mccaul@redcross.ca / 902-424-1833

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Topics: Peace/War
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