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Society of Law

presented by the 2014 MayworksHalifax Festival and the Us vs Them Theatre Cooperative

Thursday April 24 2014
- 9:00pm
Sunday April 27 2014

Venue: The Bus Stop Theatre
Address: 2203 Gottingent St
Cost: $10
Accessibility: Yes

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Created by Pasha Ebrahimi and Evan Wade Brown
Performed by Pasha Ebrahimi
Directed by Evan Wade Brown
Stage Managed by Stephanie Kincade
Designed by Nicholas Bottomley

A new play from the Us vs Them Theatre Cooperative, A Society of Law will introduce audiences to two desperate, disparate men who are forced to negotiate their highest ideals and darkest hypocrisies. We will join them as they take a dangerous walk through crime scenes, protests, courtrooms, and prison cells after a simple observation begins a careful friendship, but sets the stage for a conflict where there is no winner, merely a violent synthesis. A Society of Law is a cypher to be decoded, set against the back drop of Canadian class and gender politics, contemporary protests, the Haymarket Massacre and the Iranian Revolution.

Evan Wade Brown
Evan serves as the Artistic Director of the Us vs Them Theatre cooperative, a collective of theatre artists, workers and audience members who believe in creating art that is political, relevant, and elegant. As the principal playwright of Us vs Them, Evan wrote and performed in the award winning Problems With Authority, accounting his experiences during the anti-globalisation protests of the early 2000′s. His next work was the Merritt nominated A Tournament of Lies, exploring notions of gender, class, community, and how we grieve. During the Queer Acts Festival last year he wrote and directed Litmus Road, a dark look at the interest governments take in gender identity. Evan was recently awarded the Mayor’s Award for Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2014 Theatre Nova Scotia Merritt Awards.

Pasha Ebrahimi
Pasha says he “comes from a country which no longer exists”, his love for film, theatre and art was born from the absence and censoring of it during his childhood in Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran. His story of becoming a Canadian and an actor was written as his family fled Iran and traversed the cultural landscape of Europe before arriving in Ottawa in 1990. Since completing Dalhousie University’s Theatre Program in ’04 he has performed with Neptune Theatre, OneLight Theatre, Theatre New Brunswick, Irondale Ensemble, The Doppler Effect, Us vs Them Theatre Cooperative, Lion’s Den Theatre, and Vile Passeist Theatre. Pasha’s work in front of the camera can be seen in the films Charlie Zone, Hobo With a Shotgun, and Roaming. His television credits include Sex & Violence, Call Me Fitz, Seed, and Haven. Pasha recently wrapped production as John Pearson, the protagonist in the short film Lord of Chaos.


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