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posted by Hillary in on Nov 13, 2009 - View profile

Sex Trade work and the Sex industry

Monday November 16 2009

Venue: Seminar 7, University of King's College
Address: 6350 Coburg Rd.

The King's Feminist Collective presents an evening of reflection on
and discussion of sex trade work and the sex industry, with speakers
Rene Ross of Stepping Stone and Dr. Marina Adshade of the Dalhousie
Economics Department.

Rene Ross will speak about the sex trade in Halifax, current legal
issues in Ontario, and the matter of decriminalization; Dr. Adshade
will be discussing countries where the sex trade is legal, and how
that affects the women involved, as well as speaking about the
economics of the sex industry.

Following our speakers, we will have an open discussion: all are
welcome to participate

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Topics: Gender
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 Many country changing their rules...... now sex trade work and sex industry are becoming legal.... this is not good for the society especially the youths...


Thanks for the post

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