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posted by Natascia Lypny on Feb 19, 2013 - View profile


Homelessness Marathon

Wednesday February 20 2013
- 8:00am
Thursday February 21 2013

Venue: CKDU
Cost: Free

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“… ending homelessness isn’t a matter of charity but a matter of

changing the way our society is structured.”

- Homelessness Marathon founder Jeremy Weir Alderson


CKDU is pleased to announce that we are participating in the 11th Annual

Homelessness Marathon on Wednesday February 20 starting at 6pm

and ending at 8am on the 21st.


This is a programming event, and also an open house!


CKDU's portion of the 14-hour national broadcast is 7pm-8pm.

The discussion topic is broadly youth and homelessness,

featuring members of Youth Now! (Mondays 5:30pm-7pm),

and members of the community who have faced homelessness.


This year, we will be strengthening our relationship with the campus by hosting

the Marathon in the SUB, and the location will serve the numerous

youth shelters in the neighbourhood.


More information on the Marathon here: http://ckut.ca/homeless/




Join us for food and listening on Wednesday evening starting at 6pm.

Would you like to help?
- working the national 1-800 phone line to receive calls from anywhere in the world

to participate in the discussion.

- greeting guests and showing them around the station

- managing the food servings

- tearing down

Organizer:tation Coordinator Gianna Lauren or Production Coordinator Jordan Roberts. Gianna@ckdu.ca or Production@ckdu.ca

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